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The Stock Market is heating up… but who has time to follow and analyze the trends? (LOTM) is a daily e-newsletter that does the hard work for you— selecting “attractive deals” in small and micro cap stocks and sending insights directly to your inbox, every single day.

LOTM newsletter focuses on high-potential companies that trade under $10 a share, with a goal for 3-5X appreciation potential over 2-4 years.

At LOTM, we screen companies for value – “Good Deals” – then apply technical analysis for our purchase price. We use a portfolio approach and suggest using a set percent of the money allocated for this plan be  invested in each stock. We hold the position until either we have a reason to sell or the year-end, which ever comes first. At each year-end, we start over again for the next year. Companies that are still under our buying target will be included on the new buy list. This process keep our portfolio fresh and allows us to perform within our twelve month calendar time line.

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